Brave frontier mod apk best game for Android and iOS

December 16, 2016 - Games
Brave frontier mod apk best game for Android and iOS


Features & Benefits

At BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk is a turn-based RPG that takes players into the world of Grand Gaia abducted. The game uses the first minutes of the game with a successful introduction to the game world and in the framework of the story. At the beginning of the trip, the selection of one of the four elements. In BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk, all of the creatures are, in fact, by one of the six elements indicated. With water, fire, lightning, and earth, the four well-known elements are represented, which represent the four elements of the first selection. This is topped off by light and darkness. This System creates a rock-paper-scissors System, with the fighting within BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk gain in tactical depth. So water against fire has a Bonus, while fire and earth advantage. The two elements are light and darkness separately, and bring each other bonuses and penalties.

Brave Frontier mod apk game details


At the beginning of the Team is still weak. / © AndroidPIT

These elements are of great importance, as the game follows the events of BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk a frame story that takes the heroes from Quest to Quest. The world of Grand Gaia is in danger and it is the task of the inexperienced, but talented, Summoner avert them. One of the first Quests in a fire leads to the cave, how should it be otherwise, by fire creatures is populated. Now you can of course also be addressed with the mud monsters in this Quest, but the addition of water creatures increases the chances of victory and speeds up the entire game.


In this picture from the beginning of time, our brave Hero is fighting alone against the final boss. / © AndroidPIT

The fights are very accessible and easy. Each Team consists of up to six units, with five of these fighters are from the own Team, and by a sixth, selectable figure to be supplemented from other players. This social component leads quickly to communication within the player base, and it is a good idea. The own squad can be adjusted between Quests again and again largely determined the tactics and the approach of the player. The battles are turn-based, where the player always starts first. In the end, only a few options open for the player to stay in the campaign, because to the normal attack, Blocking attacks and a special ability, no great tactical options are open. Here is a more diverse combat mechanics would have been desirable with a variety of attacks that can learn a character. Thus, the Phase between Battles is of crucial importance, since in the fight only to a small extent on possible situations can be responded to. The Quests are always linear and at the end of several have to Fight a boss that fires up your team.

brave frontier3In total, there are three important currencies in BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk mod. Since Zel and Karma. Zel is, in particular, for Improving and Merging of units is important. In the course of the game, and in the context of Quests, creatures are collected, the can be improved or merged, the attributes improve. Karma, however, is to expand the building within the village or to produce spheres, which give the so-equipped units bonuses. So there are a variety of aspects to discover, as apart from improvements, in the Arena fighting (against other players, and for beginners do not recommend) or days of fighting in may. The long-term motivation is given up to the Midgame. The third resource is the jewels for much less than Zel or Karma. This is due to the fact that the jewels are the main revenue source of the game, as these by can be purchased In-App-purchase.


The village can be expanded. / © AndroidPIT

Jewels is a sort of panacea, because with them not only strong Monster summon, but also the energy of the player is filled up or in a Dungeon, the units to be revived. Here jewels engage partially in the difficulty level, since the Play requires without jewels significantly more time and effort to find, for example, better units, or to create Dungeons on the first try. If the player is not fighting in the Arena, however, this is rather of secondary importance and can be neglected. What is, however, somewhat, the energy management of the game is bothering. Quests require the best ride of energy and this is limited and is only replenished over time (or jewels). After a few hours of playing time, this Charge of energy, however, is so slow that the heavy Dungeons that require a lot of start-UPS, lead to Frustration. A fly in the ointment in an otherwise very good overall image.


Brave Frontier game description

Screen & Operation

The graphical presentation is successful at BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk mod are very good. The animations run on older devices, very liquid, and the whole graphic style is consistent. The background music fits the overall impression and also the favor.

Speed & Stability

In many similar Games, the Loading content with the EDGE-speed is not possible and therefore a big plus here point to BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk mod. Of course, you will notice a difference, but the Play is in all cases, even with slow Connections. Furthermore, BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk mod to be running stable and without any crashes.

Price / Performance

BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk apk mod is free available in Play Store and the gem packages move between 0.89 euros and 59.99 euros for different gem sizes.


Occasional actions make the jewels more affordable. / © AndroidPIT

Final Verdict

Especially in the first hours of playing BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk mod , was able to unfold its charm. The story pulls the player in its spell, and after a few minutes of the game, the time flies by in the hunt for better and better creatures and new tasks. In the course of the game loses BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk mod  little of this ability, with the sometimes long waiting times for the energy charging and in some places lead to a strong final boss rare Frustration.

brave frontier2Nevertheless BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk mod is an absolute recommendation and is worth a close look.

Review: BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk mod

I have always said, that in the world of mobile phones, find a game that catches your attention and will keep for several days pending is always difficult. And this leads to many games for mobile carry its main feature, an easy principle but to reach the end, it complicates a lot.

For me, a role that has not been exploited in mobile is the rpg, with the exception of the final fantasy that are on sale for dollars, and that even so, I’ve read that tends to give some problems while playing it.

Ironically, looking for a piece of data of final fantasy, I found this curious game that gave me the chance to be able to prove it; at first I said to myself, I don’t think that my mobile is able to bear it, but when you taste it, it ran perfectly and so far no downside has given me.

Download Brave Frontier for free

BRAVE FRONTIER mod apk mod , an rpg game with graphics anime, eye-catching, easy to understand, having many advantages, such as, for example, for new there are many rewards useful that can help him throughout the game.

But, what is it?.

You are a summoner, which will explain the history of what is going on in Mistral(The first area of missions). They will tell you that you can get mounstros for your team, each monster is by categories of stars, while more stars, the more rare and more strong it will be. As well, each monster has an attribute type, either: fire, water, grass, electric, dark, light, and that it has every monster, have special abilities called “brave burst”.

I should say, that its story mode is not bad, it could improve but it is striking, too, that its story mode is long, which, improvement to this game.

One of its advantages of this game is that, it is not the typical “pay to win” (pay to win), as the way to get mounstros is by the phases of the missions. You could get gems for money, to invoke mounstros rare but not ensures that you get a rare one, since the percentages of rarity are low except if it is a date event.

And it is not all that, as the levels, both to you as a summoner, as to each monster on your team, which you will have to merge with other mounstros to upload level and then evolve, but not to worry, the game features a variety of 200 types of mounstros different.

Explore this fantastic game Brave Frontier!

brave frontier1brave-frontier-guide-fusion

In summary

A striking set, if you are a fan of rpgs I assure you that you will like, easy to understand, despite the fact that the game originally is in English, in the options you get to change it to Spanish for the people who prefer so, the time waiting for your energy to recover is very short (3 min for 1 energy) despite the fact that this does not take neither into account in the early levels as they move up very fast from level to level, your experience in pvp is nice since you can battle against other users, without the need to be connected, despite the fact that the pvpers are automatic, you will not be able to control your heroes or their special abilities.

I highly recommend it, the game needs the internet, but it will be worth, that if, prefereriblemente, usenlo with free wifi, weighs about 500mb.

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