One of the best game ever for Android & iOS Minecraft Pocket Edition mods apk

December 16, 2016 - Games
One of the best game ever for Android & iOS Minecraft Pocket Edition mods apk

Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod apk, in-depth analysis

A couple of years ago Markus Persson launched Minecraft. A sandbox for the PC that combines elements of a building game with survival in a world full of dangers and possibilities. Two years later, in the present, Minecraft is one of the most popular games within the circuit of indie. Popularity has served to jump to other platforms like Android.

Many fans of Minecraft when we saw the announcement of the arrival of the android green we came very curious to see what was to offer Mojang. After months of waiting, a few videos open mouth and the version exclusive to the Xperia Play the waiting came to an end a few weeks ago for all Android users: we can already enjoy of Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod apk.

Full Game: Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod apk, the same essence but decaffeinated

When developing a video game that you have to be aware of the technical limitations offered by each platform. Evidently, this is not the same thing to create a game for a PC than in a smartphone. There is that knowing how to measure the ambition and Mojang has been aware of this: we’re not going to offer the same as in the PC version.

It is true that you hold many of the keys that define Minecraft: a free world, the possibility of building… we have Also maintained a level of fluency quite good and hardly noticeable snags. However, there are things that have been left in the inkwell to be able to offer you an experience of a decent game to the user.

For example, have not been introduced enemies or NPCS. We are alone in a world of empty that we can only build and delete blocks. It is normal, we are in a mobile device. However, this small nuance takes a little bit of grace to Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod apk, the feeling of emptiness is too large.

Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod apk

The number of blocks that we have is also lower than in the PC version. Are the fundamental, a catalog sufficiently varied as to build all sorts of items. Fans of the series will miss some elements such as the logic circuits, the pistons but remember: it is a video game designed for mobile.

To alleviate this loneliness virtual the game features an online mode where we can play co-op with other users. Yes, we can only play in local network and not with online servers as happens in the PC version.

Minecraft Pocket Edition check it out!

Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod, the controls are well suited

I’ve read somewhere around here you will know that the virtual controls tácticles server and we do not get along well. Usually, I can’t find them especially comfortable and the control is quite clumsy in comparison with other systems. However there are also exceptions, and Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod is an example.

Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod

The game is set in first person. In the bottom left we have the arrow buttons and to jump, while with the finger located on the right side we will go by turning the camera and placing or destroying blocks. Something very simple, and after five minutes of playing we are used to.

If we are owners of a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play does not have to worry about ls virtual controls. Mojang and the joint venture came to an agreement in your day, in addition to take exclusive temporary, to adapt the game controls to the controls that has the smartphone.

Conclusions with Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod

How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition?

I admit that I am a fan of Minecraft but that does not mean that there is going to be critical. It is true that the adaptation that has made Mojang the pocket-size format is good, quite good. However, due to the own limitations of the platform make the experience of the game is correct but boring.

The good thing, is that Minecraft pocket edition mods apk mod has a free trial version. That each one judge for himself but I, personally, I’ll stick with the PC version. I know that is not a comparison is fair, but the game experience does not justify, contrary to other games for Android, your price: 4.99 euros.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Imagination pixelated

At this point, is there anyone who still doesn’t know Minecraft? The popular sandbox Mojang has broken all records in its version for PC, where creativity and the freedom it provides has captivated millions of players around the world; the version for iOS and Android aims to achieve a similar success, what can you get it?

As in its version for compatible, Minecraft not to no longer receive updates that improve the game experience considerably; the arrival of the successful title on touch devices late last year was quite cold, since we had significant gaps with regard to the PC version. With the advent of version 0.2.0 this situation has changed markedly and we now have the experience of a laptop closer to the desktop. But before we review long-awaited news, let’s see what’s offered this Pocket Edition of Minecraft since its inception.

Pixels pocket

Pixels pocket

Following the style of the version Classic Minecraft for PC –you can play for free from our browser– the Pocket Edition for iOS and Android devices –version 0.1.1– had not many of the main attractions of the full title, as the lack of resources and objects that develop or the absence of enemies from which to protect ourselves. Even worse, the Pocket Edition is that the pixelated world that opens before our eyes is limited, unlike the full version of Minecraft for the PC, that presents a limitless world to explore, where we can create structures more varied and move around with total freedom. Mojang has listened to the community and thanks to the last update have been added to some of the requests of the fans.

Minecraft Pocket edition for Android and iOS – play your game everywhere!

Good news

So, now we have two interesting new features: finally we can extract resources such as coal and access the Survival mode; yes, we still have no option to fabricate objects. On the survival mode of this Pocket Edition, we must clarify that this is not the same so that we can find in the Minecraft original; we have tools unbreakable and an unlimited supply of resources such as torches, something that has not much to do with the spirit of survival. Yes, we must deal with enemies such as zombies and try not to end up with us. On the variety of blocks, we have up to a total of 36 different types, something thank you for building our structures do not prove to be too monotonous.

We can see our cubic character in the third person

We can see our cubic character in the third person

Otherwise, we find ourselves with a graphic look almost traced to the original, with their huge pixels as the main protagonists of a world-grid in the purest style of the eighties and early nineties. For many players can be a bit attractive, but once we got accustomed to its particular stamp, we will feel like at home. Although we can not ignore the fact that in platforms touch, Minecraft has undergone some cuts, technical, as a smallest distance of drawn and a pervasive mist that you try to hide the rendering of objects.

The touch control has been well implemented and in this regard we would like to congratulate to the developers for getting an adaptation remarkable of a title in the first person which is played with a classical mouse and keyboard. The jump is automatic when we get closer to a top block, and we can create and destroy items by touching them on the screen of our devices; the action of placing blocks with your finger is very intuitive. Furthermore, you can choose between the classic first-person view and the other in the third person, with the camera situated behind our pixelated character. Finally, we can play with our friends through a local network, which markedly limits the multiplayer mode; you can also create and save our own levels.


After the improvements introduced with the latest update, Minecraft – Pocket Edition has won many integers, without a doubt. The possibility of acquiring world’s resources and the option to enjoy the Survival mode dramatically improves the experience, especially if compared with the first version that appeared months ago. The texts are in English even if it presents a greater problem if we have a minimum knowledge of the language. For a price of 5.49 euros in the App Store and 4.99 euros in the Android Market we can get a pocket version of the magnificent Minecraft, but with certain gaps that possibly be solved with subsequent updates. Fans of the Minecraft original you will find in this Pocket Edition is an ideal supplement to your adventure in a portable format; players who do not know the title of Mojang they can know little, since today, you still have a long way to go.

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