The new Real Racing 3 mod apk game for Android & iOS

December 16, 2016 - Games
The new Real Racing 3 mod apk game for Android & iOS


Real racing 3 mod apk apk is, by far, the best driving game for mobile and tablets, iOS and Android, ever created. And the best thing is that the title of Firemonkeys and EA is you can play entirely for free.

I’m a fan of racing games casual, I love the shocks, the circuits impossible, and the ‘chutes’ of nitro. Despite this new freemium model adopted by the saga, Real racing 3 mod apk apk is a racing simulator extremely realistic and at the beginning I was frustrated. It is a big change to realize that you need to reduce the speed to a crawl to thread correctly a succession of curves in S. Even well after having internalized the best way of driving, the drivers controlled by the AI for Real racing 3 mod apk apk eat you alive until you learn to slow down well in a curve, in order to accelerate to get out of it. The game is not afraid to severely punish anyone who fails to stop in time, or to those players who do not learn from your driving classes.

Real Racing 3 – what’s new?

The change between the stuff available in the first phase of the game and the brand new sports to the end clearly illustrates the great attention to detail of the game, the feelings that want to offer the developer with the complete collection of cars available. The vehicles do not differ only in maximum speed, but also in their ability to grip the road, in your touch acceleration and braking in each path. The experience is not as technical or detailed as the Gran Turismo, but it is still the most accurate racing simulator, which offers the experience more real and more satisfying, than you have never played on a phone or a tablet.

Fortunately there are a variety of driving assistance and control options available to make it easier for lesser skilled players a good experience. By activating the brake assist, the assistant director and the traction control, the players only have to tilt your device vaguely in the right direction to be successful. When you’re feeling more comfortable, you can go clearing aid and seeing how they are going to improve your times and your driving. I the end, I ended up using a steering wheel virtual (no tilting the mobile phone) and the brake with all the help turned off.

The inclusion in Real racing 3 mod apk apk cars, and tracks of real world adds quality to the simulation experience. There is nothing like the speed on the straight downhill to Laguna Seca 300 Km/h in a Porsche 911 just before he stepped in to fund the curb, at the last moment, to thread the famous corkscrew. In the launch the game with 46 cars from 12 manufacturers for sale, from the humble Ford Focus to supercars like the Bugatti Veyron.

Features of Real Racing 3

The models of the cars are absolutely beautiful. I guess that all for mobile games, with time, will be so good, but the visual effort of Firemonkeys put a whole generation ahead of the competition. The tracks, once in a while, you can see dotted items something shameful, as a human, 2D sprites in the stands, but it’s hard to complain when you’re flying at 300 kilometers per hour.

Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod

Drivers real cars real, real tracks. And long waits to not be paid with euros real…

Few games are able to make you think. I’m not talking about puzzle games or in which you have to devanarte brains, but rather those that lead you to think of the message that is transmitted, or the game media in general.

Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod, even if I do not put to moral dilemmas or tell me stories imbued with meanings, is one of these games that make me think. Specifically, Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod brings me to reflect on how it has changed this sector with the arrival of games for mobile devices and the model free-to-play.

I admit it: it’s a strange feeling, during that alternate moments of euphoria with others of deep sadness. Let’s start with the euphoria.

The feeling that stops when you touch the icon of Real racing 3 mod apk apk mod for the first time, is of profound awe and wonder. With a couple of laps because you think you’re dealing with a game extraordinarily careful in a portable device that is not a console. And what is more rare is that it is distributed free of charge. I have played dozens of racing games for portable consoles, but Real racing 3 mod apk mod is, by far, the experience portable nearest to Gran Turismo 5 that I have had the pleasure of driving. In some ways, it looks more like the Gran Turismo main Gran Turismo for the PSP, that GT just took the name.

But is that to identify the circuits do not need even that: in the first curve you already know that the path of introduction is Laguna Seca, with a recreation very faithful to the original circuit. The excitement of facing the famous corkscrew of the eighth curve is significant on the small screen of my iPad Mini. Once the race presentation, starts the game itself.

We find ourselves with a full menu of events, each containing numerous races. We bought a car, a Focus RS, and starts the competition. Not necessary to touch the screen to accelerate, because the car runs just and just tilt the tablet/smartphone to the left or right to take curves. Disabling the brake assist is necessary to intervene with the brake pedal, now yes, by touching the touch screen. The change is also automatic, while the attendance of traction and steering are enabled by default.

Alle changes here – Real Racing 3

The races are of various kinds. There are the usual circuits in which you have to get there first to the finish, there is strike one against one, paths passing through checkpoints or careers in sectors particularly complicated path. In all cases, you must run more than the others. The only variation in the system of control comes with drag racing, because it is necessary to start the car by pressing a button, keep an eye on the needles and change gear at the right time, as he saw in his day in Need for Speed: Underground.

The races happen against real opponents, but without online connection. The times of the rivals is download and applies to vehicles controlled by artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, you do not download the “ghosts” of the players, but only their records. As a result, the trajectory of the car opponents is always very clean, and will never be able to capture the emotion of the fight against the pilot that played dirty. Overtake rivals, in practice, it is very simple: just invent some drawn creative and everything goes on wheels.

At times they appear in full career the nickname and the caretos of your friends (taken from the social networks). In case of victory against an opponent known, the bonus end you will see multiplied. Each race, in fact, provides virtual money and experience points, all in order to pass the level and to add gold coins. In this way, the economy of the game is based on these two values. With the money you can buy more cars, repair them or change them by others, while the gold coins give you access to updates and advanced options for customization, including the painting of the bolide.

Until now, everything -or almost – it’s perfect. But it is precisely the economic system of the game with which you start the headaches. The cars, as in Real life, require continuous maintenance, oil changes or repairs in the event of an accident. In the same way, in order to remain competitive, it is necessary to incorporate pieces that will improve their performance. The problem lies not so much in the cost of these improvements and repairs, but in the time it takes to install them.

Any modification or replacement takes between three and ten minutes, time that is going to accumulate if you decide to make multiple purchases at the same time. In these moments it is not possible to get in the car, so I will wait. I have calculated that the relationship between game and waiting time would be approximately 1:1. That is to say, every quarter of an hour of play need to wait another quarter of an hour to complete the repairs.

The thing better when you buy several cars, but the price of each vehicle is so high that there are to spend several hours of gameplay before you have a garage of decent size. Even worse: until the delivery of the new car has a great delay, as in Real life. In summary, the first few hours of the game do indeed unbearable.


Download game for free! Real Racing 3

Therefore, Real racing 3 mod apk mod invites in a fairly obvious of scratching the pocket, to spend real money and pay the toll that it costs to unlock cars or to reduce the waiting time of the repairs. When you find yourself with a rival who has invested a few euros in the game, it is virtually impossible to compete with him. In a nutshell, it activates the mechanism so hated that transforms a game free-to-play into pay-to-win. Run a face-to-face against a colleague that wears a BMW tuning when you are stuck in your Ford series is quite frustrating.

In many ways, this is the best racing game available for mobile devices. Despite its online multiplayer “deferred”, the level of challenge in some cases is really satisfying. At the same time, however, it lacks the strength of a true multiplayer mode in which players actual cross over by the way.

But, as mentioned, that is not the biggest flaw. The most serious is the system that links each action to the player to some unbearable times of waiting and, basically, forces you to invest money to enjoy a gaming experience without problems.

In any case, taking into account that the access to the game itself costs nothing, there is no reason to advise against a test download. In all likelihood, you’ll be captivated by the graphics bombastic, the realism of the circuits and the presence of players in all the races. At the same time, however, you’ll have to muster the patience behind the wheel and not pretending to take a quick run while waiting for the train: there is a risk that you arrive before the game have changed the tyres to your Ford.

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