Totally new game Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk Android iOS

December 16, 2016 - Games
Totally new game Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk Android  iOS

As a Marvel super hero the Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk

The Marvel super hero goings-on in “Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk” up to mischief and can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. Anyone who finds something in the Marvel universe, will discover in this game from TinyCo a lot of familiar faces, such as, for example, the Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Loki, Captain America, or a boy, but even then, self-obsessed Tony Stark. This is also one of the first figures, which runs as a player. Director Nick Fury launches the Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk and iron man needs help to fill this with new students. The first recruit to come along, is a former founding member of the Avengers, Janet van Dyne, also known as the Wasp. This is interested as a teenager in the first line for your phone, whose procurement is one of the first tasks for Tony stark’s, and to make Selfies. She may be vain, but the graphics of the game is really beautiful to look at, but reminded a bit of “The Sims”.

Download Marvel Avengers Academy for free

marvel avengers academy2 Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk

How to select in Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk Quests and the hero’s tasks, allocates, is explained at the beginning in a Tutorial. Available missions, find a mission Board, first of all, they have to be individual heroes met, later on, there are also missions for several heroes. In addition to the main quest that drives the Story forward, there are many side quests. All of the missions take a certain period of time, from short missions that only take a Minute, up to the missions that take a few hours. If this is too long, it can also make Quests instantly by he paid for it with Shards. Of sensible tasks like the Training in the fight or the study in the timeless archives, to the more strange tasks, such as Selfies, shooting, and party planning is a lot of variety. The heroes level up individually, and to upgrade, you can reach five ranks, you get new abilities and your appearance changes: from the more everyday College outfit until later in the super hero costume. Also the Exterior of the improved building is changing and offering more actions.

Discover totally new world of Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk, Heroes Missions

marvel avengers academy3In the game there are two currencies, which are collected in the course of the game by completing Quests: Credits and Shards. Both currencies are in-game purchases for real money available, from two to one hundred and eight Euro, depending on the size of the Packs. For Credits the player building as the laboratory of Dr. Pym, or can receive a Strong Tower and their upgrades, while he needed Shards in the first line immediately, Completing Quests and, of course, to purchase more heroes. And that’s what he needs, because you have to fight back against the terrorist organization Hydra. According to Wasp, Loki appears next as reinforcement, with the aid of Hydra initially beaten back. Between the main story and numerous side quests, with which you earn a variety of Credits and experience points, is the Expansion and Upgrade of the Campus is one of the main occupations of the player. On the campus-it is pretty tight and cluttered, so you have to look for his heroes a bit, the more it will be, but fortunately, the area will be expanded from time to time, since the University is surrounded by a mysterious time fog that gives way to only one piece.

Set to music was All in English, of the Text, however, is largely German. It is well-known voices such as Dave Franco and Alison Brie were used. Wasps texts are partly translated in English or in error, but it will be surely fixed with later Updates.

Description of Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk Map apk mod

Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk mod is a cool game around the theme of Marvel. The hero takes his time, arouses but quickly the collector’s passion. All of the many heroic tasks to allocate, and sometimes requires a bit of planning talent, as needed for some of the Quests more of the super heroes and the Quests differently take a long time. Who always wanted to make as a teenager, Ironman the Campus is unsafe, is in the case of “Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk mod” absolutely right.

In this game your Hulk can invite finally on a Date

marvel avengers academy1Marvel Entertainment and TinyCo have announced with Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk mod, a new Marvel game. In it, you are not protected with the popular super-hero but humanity from an alien Evil, but expresses the school Bank.

With Marvel Avengers Academy mod apk apk mod want to send us Marvel Entertainment and developer TinyCo as a love-crazed Teenage Avengers back to school. The Free-to-Play game should already come in the first quarter of next year for iOS and Android devices on the market.

Marvel Avengers Academy game features

As the creators announced, you take on the roles of the various Avengers as a guardian of a high school. These are not only with their own forces, but also with the “multiple aspects of the Campus drama”.Including romances fall, of course: The dream of some Fans to even go on a Date with Loki, Ironman, or Captain America, you could go with this Mobile title, so finally fulfilled.

The game will also allow your characters new clothes and your Campus, as well as super-hero abilities, believe the only. Even if the above Teaser Trailer doesn’t reveal much, it gives you at least a small impression of what is expected of you.

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